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Experimental AI Storyteller: Not the Only One presented by StephanieDinkins Image

Experimental AI Storyteller:
Not the Only One

presented by Stephanie Dinkins

Creator Talks

Stephanie Dinkins is a transmedia artist who creates platforms for dialogue about artificial intelligence (AI) as it intersects race, gender, aging, and our future histories. She is particularly driven to work with communities of color to co-create more inclusive, fair and ethical artificial intelligent ecosystems.

VIFF is thrilled to have Ms. Dinkins participate in a Creator Talk and present Not The Only One (N’TOO), a multigenerational memoir of one black American family told from the "mind" of an artificial intelligence with evolving intellect. It is a voice-interactive AI designed, trained, and aligned with the needs and ideals of black and brown people who are drastically underrepresented in the tech sector. The AI storyteller is trained on data supplied by three generations of women from one family, but the story is told from the first person perspective of the AI.

Multiple data sources are being used as input to provide a broad narrative scope for the AI and tell the story of a family as opposed to the stories of individuals. The project will be repeatable and present perpetually dynamic conversation, scenarios, and stories that change according to the user’s questions or the AI’s mood. Over time, user input (discussion) will influence the NTOO’s storytelling abilities because the AI’s database of available vocabulary and topics will grow with each user interaction.

N’TOO’s narrative comes from the experiences and demographic information culled from three generations of a close-knit family. The principal character narrates in the form of voice-driven AI that uses machine learning to expand and extend its story. The eldest contributor to the foundation of the storyline was born in the American south in 1932. As a teenager, she moved north with her family for better education and opportunity. She worked forty years in the same factory, breaking ground and advancing from line worker to respected supervisor in the company. The middle contributor to the project was born in 1964. She went to the same suburban high school as her mother. Part of one of few black families in a small suburban town, she had racial challenges, but she also had opportunities her mother could never have dreamt of. Contributor three was born in 1997. She is the biracial daughter of the family who grew up with the privileges of whiteness, yet identifies as black and is currently trying to understand what it means to be black and white in ‘Black Lives Matter’ America. The stories of all three will be gathered from extensive interviews. The data will be used to seed a deep-learning, emotionally intelligent AI.


N’TOO will be on display from 5:00pm onwards prior to her presentation at 7:00pm.

There are a limited number of COMPLIMENTARY tickets available to this presentation.

For more information on Stephanie Dinkin’s work please visit: www.stephaniedinkins.com

Running Time: 120 mins
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