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Les Filles du Roi film image

Indigenous Cinema

Image: Les Filles du Roi, VIFF 2023


Aitamaako'tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun

Documentary Women Directors

A thrilling portrait of a young Siksika woman as she trains for one of the most dangerous horse races in the world: on bareback. Logan Red Crow is an Indian Relay rider who vaults from horse to horse in exhilarating races. She is a champion in the making.

International Village 10 International Village 9 Studio Theatre

Hey Viktor!

Comedy Drama

25 years after the success of the iconic film Smoke Signals, a disheveled former child actor decides to create a sequel to relive his fame. This mockumentary follows him on the chaotic uphill journey to do whatever it takes to make it big again.

International Village 10 International Village 9

Les Filles du Roi


Corey Payette's rousing microbudget musical (adapted from the Urban Ink stage production he cowrote with Julie McIsaac) chronicles the friendship between a seventeenth century French woman and a Mohawk trader and his sister.

SFU Woodwards The Rio Theatre

Let the River Flow

Award Winners Drama Human Rights & Social Justice

Ester, a young Sami woman, tries to conceal her ethnicity to avoid ostracism in 1970s Norway without betraying her family roots. Struggling to navigate her shifting cultural identity, she protests a local dam with Sami activists.

International Village 9
WaaPaKe film image


Documentary Human Rights & Social Justice

WaaPaKe is a story about resilience, love and transformation. Examined through an Indigenous lens, the stories of residential school Survivor-Warriors and their families offer an understanding of both intergenerational trauma and healing.

SFU Woodwards International Village 9


Ancestral Threads film image

Ancestral Threads

VIFF Short Forum: Program 3

Using fashion as medicine for Vancouver’s Indigenous community, founder Joleen Mitton takes us behind-the-scenes at Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week. Featuring interviews with Musqueam weaver and artist Debra Sparrow and Dene fashion designer D’arcy Moses.


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Cloud Striker film image

Cloud Striker

VIFF Short Forum: Program 2

Set in the 1930s, Chief Cloud Striker is on a quest to find his son Elijah, who has been forcibly taken from home and placed in Saint Ignatius Indian Residential School.


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Conviction film image


VIFF Short Forum: Program 2

Following release from prison, Joseph is faced with the challenges of reintegration into society.


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Headdress film image


International Shorts: Conflicts of the Heart

When a Queer Native person sees a Non-Native person wearing a ceremonial headdress, they retreat into their mind to find the perfect response.


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In the Wake of the Cedar Tree film image

In the Wake of the Cedar Tree

Short Fuse

Eclectically stylized, Haida poet & videographer Towustasin creates an experimental documentary short that incorporates animation, spoken word, intimate interviews and poetic narratives to explore trauma, hope, healing and connection to land.


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Katshinau film image


VIFF Short Forum: Program 3

Set in the 18th century just before the British conquest of New France, Marie, an Indigenous slave to a local surgeon, encounters a young girl whom she presumes to be her child.


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Nigiqtuq film image

Nigiqtuq (The South Wind)

VIFF Short Forum: Program 4

An Inuit mother and daughter, Kumaa’naaq and Marguerite, must negotiate the pressures of assimilation after relocating to a new life in the South in the 1930s. Based on a true story.


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Our Grandmother the Inlet film image

Our Grandmother the Inlet

VIFF Short Forum: Program 1

Kayah George, a young Tsleil-Waututh woman and her grandmother Ta7a, daughter of the late Chief Dan George, reflect on their relationship to water, culture, and land.


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Redlights film image


VIFF Short Forum: Program 3

An evening out takes a dramatic turn for two Indigenous women, Tina and Amber, when Amber is suddenly taken into police custody outside a pub.


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Return to Ombabika film image

Return to Ombabika

VIFF Short Forum: Program 5

Two spirit Oji-Cree elder, activist and artist Ma-Nee Chacaby journeys home to Ombabika, Ontario. She reflects on the land, her personal healing and the impacts of colonization.


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