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Rosie film image, director Gail Maurice


Ignite High School Screening


A film about family, love, and misfits, Rosie tells the story of a young, orphaned, Indigenous girl who is forced to live with her reluctant, street-smart Aunty Fred (Frédérique). Rosie is thrust into the fringes of 1980’s Montréal into the care of Fred, who just lost her job, is on the verge of eviction, and who looks and sounds nothing like her. Fred, an artist who creates art from found and discarded objects or other peoples’ trash, introduces Rosie to her two best friends Flo and Mo, glamorous human beings who refuse to be confined by gender. In the end, Rosie transforms the lives of these colourful characters and finds love, acceptance, and a true HOME with her new chosen family of glittering outsiders.


Funded by

Director Gail Maurice
Credits See Full Credits
Country of Origin Canada
Year 2022
Language English, French, and Cree
Content Warning Coarse language
Rating 14A
90 min

Education Resources

Primary Curriculum Interests:

  • French 9-12
  • 20th Century History 12
  • Social Studies 9, 10
  • BC First Peoples 12
  • English First People 12
  • Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12

Other Curriculum Interests:

  • Media 10
  • Film and Television 11
  • English 9-12

In-Cinema: June 9, 9:30 am, Vancity Theatre

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Executive Producer

Mark Slone


Gail Maurice, Jamie Manning


Gail Maurice


Celiana Cárdenas


Shaun Rykiss

Production Design

Joshua Turpin

Art Director

Somerville Black