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Tibi film image, director Jarret Twoyoungmen

Indigenous Cinema


Image: Tibi, VIFF 2022


Bones of Crows
Bones of Crows film image, director Marie Clements

Bones of Crows

Human Rights & Social Justice Women Directors

Vancouver-born Dene/Métis writer-director Marie Clements lays out a hard history of Indigenous resilience in this urgent, harrowing epic, spanning most of the 20th century; the story of a Cree woman from childhood, through residential school, WWII, and beyond.

Centre for Performing Arts
Ever Deadly
Ever Deadly film image, co-directors Tanya Tagaq and Chelsea McMullan

Ever Deadly

Art, Music & Photography Documentary Women Directors

Ever Deadly is an intimate portrait of the acclaimed Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq, combining exceptional performance recordings with interviews, verité camerawork, archival material, and hand-drawn animation.

SFU Woodwards


Action & Suspense Drama LGBTQIA2S+ Women Directors

Fernanda returns to her hometown of Goiás, Brazil, to scatter her adoptive mother's ashes and to learn the truth about her origins. In scenes infused with magical realism, she learns her disturbing family history and the limits of her strength.

International Village 10

The Klabona Keepers

Documentary Human Rights & Social Justice

The Klabona Keepers is a fierce account of the Tahltan Nation's struggle to protect the Klabona Sacred Headwaters from commercial mining. Interspersing verité cinematography with interviews, the film documents the tactics used by the land defenders.

Vancouver Playhouse International Village 10
Lay Down Your Heart
Lay Down Your Heart film image, director Marie Clements

Lay Down Your Heart

Women Directors

Marie Clements' Lay Down Your Heart is a touching tribute to Niall McNeil, a multi-talented artist in theatre who happens to be a person living with Down Syndrome. A heartwarming celebration of a local artist who has succeeded on his own terms.

International Village 10 International Village 9


Drama LGBTQIA2S+ Women Directors

Set in 1980s Montréal, Rosie is a love letter to misfits and found families. When an English-speaking Indigenous orphan is deposited at the doorstep of her Francophone aunt, they must learn to find beauty and magic amidst their trying circumstances.

International Village 10


Documentary Women Directors

In this zippy doc, we learn about a new way of representing the past, and meet community curators and archivists from across BC whose mission is to share the secret, neglected, and untold histories of this place we only think we know.

SFU Woodwards International Village 10


Award Winners Drama Human Rights & Social Justice

High in the Bolivian Andes, a llama farmer confronts his own mortality and the impending demise of an ancient way of life in this visually expressive, strikingly authentic Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner.

International Village 9


The Faraway Place film image, director Kenny Welsh

The Faraway Place


VIFF Short Forum: Program 5

A young woman and her father, both of whom have horns, flee from a violent cult on a mission to eradicate their kind.


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Firecracker Bullets film image, director Chad Charlie

Firecracker Bullets


International Shorts: Personal Journeys

In this personal documentary, Indigenous comedian Chad Charlie goes to participate in the Standing Rock occupation and has a transformative experience.

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From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories film image, co-directors Sarah Shamash and Sonia Medel

From Chile to Canada: Media Herstories

VIFF Short Forum: Program 1

Through feminist solidarities on unceded Coast Salish land, the contributions of Latinx women reveal an intergenerational network of media art genealogies.

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Further and Further Away film image, director Polen Ly

Further and Further Away

International Shorts: Family Ties

A young Bunong woman and her older brother spend one last day in their rural Cambodian village before a move to the city in search of a more prosperous life.


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Heartbeat of a Nation film image, director Eric Janvier

Heartbeat of a Nation

VIFF Short Forum: Program 5

Honouring the Dene Drum, this documentary celebrates the healing of a community and nation through the reclamation and passing down of traditional teachings within a Dene family.

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I Empower as a Mother film image, co-directors Inder Nirwan and Dani Barker

I Empower as a Mother

VIFF Short Forum: Program 5

Patricia Massy, the founder and director of Massy Arts Society and co-founder of Indigenous Brilliance collective, shares aspects of her life, work, and business, Massy Books.


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N'xaxaitkw film image, director Asia Youngman


VIFF Short Forum: Program 6

New to town, Zaraya befriends her next-door neighbour, who invites her to go on a search for the legendary lake monster, N’xaxaitkw—known to settlers as Ogopogo.


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Rose film image, director Roxann Whitebean


VIFF Short Forum: Program 4

Set in the 1960s, Rose is an Indigenous teen in her last weeks of pregnancy. Pressured by a government agent to give up her baby for Canadian adoption upon delivery, Rose’s family do all they can to intervene—with the help of an unlikely ally.

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The Runner film image, director Amar Chebib

The Runner

VIFF Short Forum: Program 1

Darius Sam, a young man from the Lower Nicola First Nation, attempts to run a 100-mile ultramarathon in subzero temperatures to raise awareness for addiction and mental health in his community.


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Sexy Highland Stream film image, director Nathan Adler

Sexy Highland Stream

VIFF Short Forum: Program 4

In appreciation of the eponymous stream, this poem is a love letter to the beauty found in nature. Written and spoken in English and Anishinaabemowin.

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Sikiitu film image, director Gabriel Allard Gagnon


VIFF Short Forum: Program 2

A coming-of-age story in the small Arctic village of Ivujivik, where teenage Ali would rather spend his time dreaming of being a hip-hop superstar instead of going hunting with his dad.

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Terror/Forming film image, director Rylan Friday


VIFF Short Forum: Program 3

Parker and his boyfriend Darren make a disturbing discovery on their way to Parker’s late kokum’s cabin, setting the stage for how the night will unfold.

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Tibi film image, director Jarret Twoyoungmen


VIFF Short Forum: Program 4

Using archival and self-shot footage, the teaching of Îethka culture is documented through the making of a tipi under supervision of knowledge keepers.

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