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Everything You Wanted to Know About Intimacy on Set (but were afraid to ask)

Oct 1, 1:30-3:30 pm

The role of an intimacy coordinator on a film set has become one that is long overdue and essential. With her experience as an intimacy coordinator on CSI: Vegas, the erotic thriller Deep Water, and the NC-17 rated Blonde, Jean Franzblau joins VIFF Labs for a deep dive into what filmmakers should consider when including forms of nudity and intimacy at any scale. This session is everything you wanted to know about sex on a film set but were afraid to ask.


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Jean Franzblau headshot

Jean Franzblau

Intimacy Professional for TV, Film & Theatre

Jean Franzblau is a Los Angeles-based intimacy professional who works in TV, film, and theatre. Her role is to help actors navigate scenes with intimate content with respect and care. Franzblau’s credits include CSI: Vegas on NBC, Deep Water on Hulu, M. Night Shymalan’s latest thriller, Old, and Netflix’s controversial feature, Blonde. Her background includes acting, casting, and sex education.