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A.Mal Collective panel; MENA Film Festival

MENA Film Festival

A.Mal Collective: Red Gold

Panel – Free Event


Presented by the A.Mal Projects

A panel exploring different audiovisual approaches which refer to coastal and maritime landscapes to touch upon phenomena and issues of ecology, modernization and colonization set in the Moroccan context. These artistic film practices and researches at the intersection of history and memory, arts and science, come into a closer focus during the panel.

The panelists will refer to their video works, which will be shown online during the MENA Film Festival:

Sab’at ’Amwaj (video installation), Yasmine Benabdallah
Year: 2021

Golden Frequencies (experimental oscilloscope film),
Younes El Hossaini & Elodie Sacher, Year: 2021

A desktop decluttering from the shores of El Jadida (desktop documentary),
Elodie Sacher, Year: 2021



Elodie Sacher ​​is a media scholar with a special interest in visual and media cultures, focusing on photography and its historical as well as contemporary dimensions. She is holding a BA in Cultural Studies & Cultural Policy and is currently enrolled in a master program about Art & Film Studies.  Elodie has been studying and working in Casablanca since 2018. In 2019, she worked for the cultural association L’Atelier de l’Observatoire (2019) accompanying projects about the material culture as well as implicit (intangible) cultural heritage of Casablanca. More recently, her French grandfather’s photo album picturing a trip in Morocco from the 1960s led her to the French protectorate’s archives and to the question of the intersection of gazes in photographs emanating from a colonial context/past. In her current research, she traces the history of photography in Morocco based on the royal portraits of Moroccan kings.

Jessica El Mal is an English-Moroccan artist and curator dedicated to valuing time, care and human connection in everything she works on. With a particular interest in ecology and migration, her work is both deeply personal and yet draws on the universality of the human experience through a balance of digital techniques, aesthetics and interaction. In addition to working on A.MAL Projects, she also hosts art and nature groups for people with experience of migration in Manchester, UK, benefiting from the healing aspects of both whilst also acting against the lack of representation with the UK’s natural spaces.

Younes El Hossaini is a tape camcorder videographer and media artist based in Casablanca. In 2019, he started to organise, with other cultural actors, music concerts at the Vertigo (Casablanca). On this occasion, he explored the possibilities of VJing with audiovisual hardware from the 1990s.

His interest in the unique aesthetics of sonic and visual hardware glitches, led to collaborations with Moroccan musicians such as Kussuf, Archidi, Raskas and Saad El Baraka. Subsequently, he formed the interdisciplinary collective 560Zoom with Badreddine Haoutar alias Snoopy (circus artist, DJ RetroCassetta) and Elodie Sacher (media scholar). 



Yasmine Benabdallah

Yasmine Benabdallah is a Moroccan filmmaker and visual artist whose work explores memory, performance, embodiment, diaspora, archive, rituals, and time travel. Some of her recent works include “Ojalá: la vuelta al origen” (2018), a feature documentary on the dance of the Palestinian diaspora of Santiago, Chile, “Its people, its sky, its scent” (2018), a video installation on finding Chile in Palestine, “Our success is in sharing space or Allah made me queer” (2021), a short film and video installation on Islam, queerness, the private and public, and “Sab‘at ’Amwaj” (2021), a video installation on a ritual, the Atlantic, and lineage. Yasmine’s work has been shown in Morocco, France, Egypt, Germany, Portugal, the US, the UK, Palestine, in addition to artist residencies in Palestine, Morocco, France, Portugal, and Tunisia where Chebba won the Cinephilia Best Screenplay Award.

Dec 1 11:00 am
Online Only
60 min

This is a free event but you can register in advance.


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