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Ellie film image, director Fernando Bonelli


Canadian Premiere

An emergency room nurse arrives late for work after being involved in a serious car accident and soon has to make life or death choices involving a loved one. There is a lot of high drama in this story of heroism and selfishness, where lives are on the line in a moralistic race against time and legal consent. Seamlessly fluid camerawork and terrific ensemble performances contribute to the life and death atmosphere. Powerful, intense, suspenseful, and heartbreaking, the film never deflates the dramatic tension with the two lives at stake and the constantly changing situation the nurse and the doctor find themselves in.


Community Partner

Director Fernando Bonelli
Cast Verónika Moral, Jorge Kent, Liz Lobato, María Zuheros, Bernabé Fernández, Montse Pla
Credits See Full Credits
Country of Origin Spain
Year 2022
Language In Spanish with English subtitles
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20 min
Drama, Shorts

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Elena Zabía, Miguel Ángel Larraya, Fernando Bonelli


Fernando Bonelli


Enrique Silguero, Carlos Garcés


Ascen Marchena

Original Music

Juan Antonio Simarro, Fernando Bonelli

Art Director

Isi G. San Martín


Fernando Bonelli headshot, Ellie director

Fernando Bonelli

Fernando Bonelli began his career leading Globo Media’s artistic department. In 2003, he founded Bonelli & Asociados, a company specializing in advice and legal support in the artistic field, and a few years later, Consuelo Films and Mayfield Pictures.