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Perspective film image, director Alaa Algburi


A symbolic examination of how men treat women in most of the Middle East from a young woman’s perspective. This is a moving women’s rights statement that rejects the objectification of women and the violence that often accompanies it. The film does not call for direct confrontation but instead calls for female inner strength to overcome the repression. Powerful images, voiceover comments, and pointed questions convey layered meanings, complemented by a classical musical score that adds depth and sensitivity. Transfixing from start to finish, Perspective takes a brilliant outside-the-box approach and delivers a clear, strong, and inspiring message.


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Director Alaa Algburi
Cast Sarah Smadi, Hala Alyusuf, Cyrine Mah, Dania Makhlouf, Israa Alshaer, Nawal Osama, Natalie Badran
Credits See Full Credits
Country of Origin Iraq/Jordan
Year 2021
Language English
Film Contact Alaa Algburi
Content Warning Domestic Violence, Gender or Sexual Violence
10 min
Human Rights & Social Justice, Shorts, Women Directors

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Executive Producer

Alaa Algburi


Yousef Yousef


Alaa Algburi


Suzan Nsoor


Suzan Nsoor

Art Director

Nilover Shehadat


Alaa Algburi headshot, Perspective director

Alaa Algburi

Alaa Algburi was born in Baghdad, Iraq and currently lives in Amman, Jordan. She has degrees in both filmmaking and English literature, and experience in writing, directing, cinematography, and editing for film and TV commercials.