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Live From the Underworld, Signals Exhibition image

Live From the Underworld

By re:Naissance Opera

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Welcome to the Underworld.

As the dynasty of Calliope comes to an end, all mortals are called forth to help shape the stories of the realm. Follow Eurydice in a journey of personal revelation as she must choose between reclaiming her heritage or reconnecting with her love.

“Live From The Underworld” is a series of interactive live-stream performances featuring mythological avatars brought to life by real-time motion capture technology & live opera singers.

Project Runtime: 5 min

Project type: Live Performance

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Experience as part of the “Descend” Live Performance Program at Signals.

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This Exhibit is Part of Signals:

Exploring creative technology’s potential in storytelling

Live From the Underworld, Signals Exhibition image

A unique interactive exhibition, Signals celebrates the creative power, playfulness, and storytelling potential of new technologies. In its first edition, Signals will feature BC’s wealth of talent in a multi-day showcase of Canadian and Indigenous works.


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Creative Director

Debi Wong

Director of Virtual Production

Neelesh Nair


Brian Topp

Art Director & 3D Artist

Conrad Sly

Choreographer & (Body of Eurydice)

Alexis Fletcher

Soprano (Voice of Eurydice)

Jane Long