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American Graffiti

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“Where were you in 62?” asked the ads for this irresistible jukebox nostalgia trip. In 1962 George Lucas was 18 and about to leave Modesto, California. American Graffiti taps into the loss, anxiety and exhilaration of moving on, as well as waxing nostalgic for teenage courtship and early rock n roll, America before the fall… Even if the idea of cruising Main Street in a souped up hot rod grooving to Wolfman Jack seems like a galaxy far, far away now, this is easily Lucas’s warmest and most emotional film, and one of the funniest comedies of the 70s.

A box office smash, it came too late to save the Universal youth unit which had also produced The Hired Hand, The Last Movie, and Two-Lane Blacktop. For Lucas, though, it laid the foundation to get his dream project made… (Look out for Harrison Ford in a small role.)

This superb and singular film catches not only the charm and tribal energy of the teen-age 1950s but also the listlessness and the resignation that underscored it all, like an incessent bass line in of the rock-n-roll songs of the period.

Jay Cocks, Time magazine

July 30 Only: Introduction from filmmaker and programmer Natalie Murao

Aug 1 Only: Introduction from filmmaker Devan Scott


George Lucas


Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Candy Clark, Cindy Williams, Charles Martin Smith, Harrison Ford

Country of Origin






113 min

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Francis Ford Coppola


George Lucas, Gloria Katz, Willard Huyck


Jan D’Alquen, Ron Eveslage


Verna Fields, Marcia Lucas

Original Music

Kim Fowley

Art Director

Dennis Clark

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