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Clara Sola

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This mystical tale of a repressed 40-year-old woman experiencing powerful awakenings has been drawing easy parallels to Brian de Palma’s Carrie (1976). But like its protagonist, the film is a creature of its own making, fusing coming-of-age elements with feminism, mysticism, and Gaianism for a visceral ride that leaves lasting emotional impressions.

Living deep in the mountains of Costa Rica with her religious mother and niece, Clara has spent her entire life healing people. Born with a spinal deformity and a particularly empathetic touch, she has been conditioned to embrace a life of obedience and humility—until her niece’s sexual awakening triggers her own journey of self-discovery.

A deeply evocative, mesmerizing feature debut by Costa Rican-Swedish director Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, whose short films have been steadily captivating festival crowds worldwide. Mesén layers her film with varying degrees of feminine wisdom, beautifully complemented by Wendy Chinchilla Araya, whose dancer’s background gives her ferocious turn as Clara a distinct physical dimension.

Clara Sola mixes religion, mysticism and sexuality in a way that feels simultaneously odd, disquieting and richly rewarding.

Steve Pond, The Wrap

Led by a feral performance from dancer Wendy Chinchilla Araya, the drama occupies its own territory, tinged with magical realism and deeply immersed in the sensory world.

Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter

A strange and mesmerizing tale of mysticism and sexual awakening in rural Costa Rica… strange and sorrowful.

Jessica Kiang, Variety


Nathalie Álvarez Mesén


Wendy Chinchilla Araya, Daniel Castañeda Rincón, Ana Julia Porras Espinoza, Flor María Vargas Chaves

Country of Origin

Costa Rica




In Spanish with English subtitles

106 min

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Executive Producer

Peter Krupenin


Nima Yousefi, Alan McConnell, Géraldine Sprimont, Anne-Laure Guégan, Karina Avellan Troz, Marcelo Quesada Mena


Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, Maria Camila Arias


Sophie Winqvist Loggins


Marie-Hélène Dozo

Art Director

Amparo Baeza