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Girl Picture

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Teenager friends Mimmi (Aamu Milonoff) and Rönkkö (Eleonoora Kauhanen) work side by side at a smoothie store. They talk about relationships, sex, boys, girls… Rönkkö is beginning to wonder if she can experience sexual pleasure, but with a little encouragement she’s willing to try harder. Meanwhile Mimmi falls for Emma (Linnea Leino), a middle class girl who has dedicated more time to perfecting her triple lutz than to dating (she has a shot at representing Finland in ice skating). The pressure of the upcoming competition and a loss in confidence makes Mimmi more than a welcome distraction – soon Emma’s ready to throw away her skates. But what does Mimmi want?

There have been many, many coming-of-age movies over the years but Alli Haapasalo’s film feels fresh and true, celebrating the intensity of female friendship while acknowledging the pain and sometimes cruelty that can be wrapped up in that. Set over the course of three weekends, the film doesn’t have a wide scope but it zeroes in on behaviour with wit, insight and compassion.

Alli Haapasalo’s jubilant Finnish coming-of-age film is unabashedly girly, horny, romantic, and fun.

Mary E Gates,

Girl Picture is a joyous, resonant snapshot of growing into one’s own, and challenging even your own expectations of who you thought you could be.

Shayna Maci Warner, Paste magazine


Alli Haapasalo


Aamu Milonoff, Eleonoora Kauhanen, Linnea Leino

Country of Origin





In Finnish and French with English subtitles

100 min

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This event has passed.



Leila Lyytikäinen, Elina Pohjola


Ilona Ahti, Daniela Hakulinen


Jarmo Kiuru


Samu Heikkilä

Production Design

Laura Haapakangas