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Keynote Speaker: Swaysən (Will George), Co-collaborator and Film Subject, Coextinction


The Southern Resident Orca population of the Pacific Northwest is facing extinction due to a multitude of reasons, including declining salmon stocks, climate change, dams, increasing vessel traffic, pipelines, and pollutants. For two young female filmmakers, this crisis sparks a stunning journey across the Pacific Northwest, joining activists, scientists and Indigenous leaders, to uncover corruption and stop injustice before it’s too late. In Coextinction, directors Gloria Pancrazi and Elena Jean draw on their personal fascination of the iconic orca to show its interconnectedness between its natural ecology and the human environment. They wish to show that our choices have consequences, and that perhaps the orcas are trying to warn us.


Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean

Country of Origin






95 min

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Friday February 24

3:20 pm
VIFF Centre - Studio Theatre
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Executive Producer

Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean, Andrew Luba, Nicholas Castel, Victoria Obermeyer


Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean, Andrew Luba, Nicholas Castel


Nicholas Castel, Gabriel Swift, Bronson Whytcross, John Fulton, Victoria Obermeyer, Jan Schaedle Ubeda, Ben Cox, Joel Barrow, Will Allen, Brad Lancaster, Elena Jean


Nicholas Castel, Elena Jean

Original Music

Julien Verschooris

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