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Collective Care shorts program; MENA Film Festival

Collective Care

Shorts Program

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Collective Care looks at the importance of community and mutual aid within the SWANA region and celebrates these practices as a tool of resisting oppressive forces that damage individuals and the environment.

Saleh Saadi, Palestine, 25 min, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles
Nassim visits his best friend May, before she moves to the United States. They spend their last night together in Jerusalem. The events of the night bring to surface the complexity of their friendship.

By the Sea
Wisam Al Jafari, Palestine, 12 min, Arabic with English subtitles
Struggling with both the occupation and the pandemic, a woman left alone with her son insists on having a semblance of normalcy by baking a cake to mark a special occasion. This film is an original take on a woman’s fight to keep her family together under unusual circumstances and against all odds.

Nour Shams
Faiza Ambah, Saudi Arabia/USA, 26 min, Arabic with English subtitles
When Shams’ only son enters a hip-hop competition, her vision of their future is turned upside down.

Tender Threads
Ouijdane Khallid, Morocco, 24 min, Arabic with English subtitles
The routine of daily life between Radia and her mother generates an awful discomfort and becomes a major obstacle to Radia’s emotional future and her relationship with her mother. This monotony therefore causes an unexpected cleavage.

Murad Abu Eisheh, Germany/Jordan, 28 min, Arabic with English subtitles
Trapped in a war ridden reality, 8-year-old Tala finds solace and freedom in a forbidden television. However, the secret TV becomes a matter of life and death.



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This event has passed.