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Constellations shorts program; MENA Film Festival


Local Shorts Program

This event has passed

Constellations is a mix of local Vancouver-based and Canadian talents. As constellations change relative to where you stand, these shorts are a unique accumulation of our specific place and time.

Split Ends
Alireza Kazemipour, Iran/Canada, 14 min, Farsi with English subtitles
A bald woman and a man with long hair try to get out of paying fines when they are caught by traffic cameras for not wearing a hijab.

Decades: A Theory of Chaos
Sina Moazzenizadeh, Canada/Iran, 5 min, English/Farsi/French
In this poetic documentary, we meet characters in the pursuit of meaning, smoothly dissolving between different phases in life—a constructed tapestries of human behaviour in the depth of the crisis.

My Father’s Name
Farhiya Ahmed, Canada, 12 min
My Father’s Name tells the story of a young man struggles to navigate the troubled relationship with his estranged father and his father’s other family.

Visions of Basra
Noor Gatih, Iraq/Canada, 5 min, Arabic and English with English subtitles
Visions of Basra explores some of my mother’s fragmented memories of her home by conjuring up photographs, colours and her words.

I’m not Racist, I Have a Black Friend
Sara Ben-Saud, Canada, 12 min, French with English subtitles
Young people of colour who grew up in predominantly white social circles reveal what it is like to embody the mythical figure of the black friend.



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Various with English subtitles

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This event has passed.