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Generations shorts program; MENA Film Festival


Shorts Program

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Generations is a bundle that deepens our understanding of home, lineage and family for communities within the SWANA region and its diaspora. From horror films to archival documentaries, these films discuss intergenerational trauma, the tension between ’here’ and ’there’ and how land follows us wherever we go.

Birds Fly Home
Mithra B. Alavi, USA/Jordan, 15 min, English and Arabic with English subtitles
An Arab-American college student and her mother must navigate their evolving relationship when the daughter embraces her Islamic background.

There Are Lights
Nadia Emam, UK, 13 min, English and Arabic with English subtitles
An Egyptian teenager in Whitby is fascinated with the story of Dracula as an escape from her overbearing father. On Halloween night, the two finally have to confront their differences.

Firas Fits in (Ibn El Ballad)
Tony El Ghazal, Qatar/Jordan/Lebanon, 13 min, Arabic with English subtitles
After feeling like a stranger in his own country, Firas, a nine-year-old Jordanian-Lebanese boy, goes to extreme lengths to finally fit in.

The Foreign Land
Nael Zaiti-Ruelle, France, 19 min, Arabic and French with English subtitles
A young French woman returns to Algeria for the first time.

Mummy Blue
Daniela Stephen, UK/Lebanon, 11 min, English
Dina escapes her turbulent relationship with her mother by fantasizing about the boy next door. Will this satisfy her coming of age and ease her pain?

Visions of Basra
Noor Gatih, Iraq/Canada, 5 min, Arabic and English with English subtitles
Visions of Basra explores some of my mother’s fragmented memories of her home by conjuring up photographs, colours and her words.

Nadia Shihab, USA/Canada, 8 min, Iraqi Turkish and Arabic With English subtitles
Oscillating between recorded voice messages and stacked photographs, Echolocation is a layered experiment exploring existence in the aftermath of change.

Beyond Exile
Juman Tamimi, Palestine, 16 min, Arabic and English with English subtitles
The Israeli invasion of Gaza in May 2021 leaves Nadine, a Palestinian living in Ireland, feeling distressed after losing all means of communication with her family back home. Where her traumas and loss of identity start unfolding her longing for the past.

The Window
Sarah Kaskas, Lebanon, 16 min, Arabic with English subtitles
A year after Beirut’s port explosion, Basma and Mariam reunite in their old bedroom. Surrounded by a view of the port’s remains, the two women attempt to resolve their shared trauma and broken relationship.



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This event has passed.