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Geographies shorts program; MENA Film Festival


Shorts Program

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Geographies explores our direct relationship to nature and how our survival is deeply interconnected with the land. These films discuss how climate change impacts our relationships to both natural and human made spaces, and the creatures we share them with.

La Piscine
Myriam Amri and Margaux Fitoussi, Tunisia, 6 min, Arabic with English subtitles
An afternoon of play under the sun in the greatest pool of all, the Mediterranean.

Azadeh Navai, Iran, 5 min, Farsi with English subtitles
An ode to a flower that once enjoyed prominence in Iranian culture, Gladiolus tells the story of its ubiquitous role in life’s important ceremonies and how it became a victim of its own popularity.

Three Meters and a Few Centimeters
Mostafa Salehi Nezhad, Iran, 18 min, Farsi with English subtitles
There is a big problem in the city!

The Land
Mohamad Sabbah, Lebanon, 27 min, Arabic with English subtitles
The Land documents the uprising of the people of Bisri and activists from all of Lebanon against the construction of the dangerous dam leading up to the Bisri Valley’s liberation.

Dead as a Dodo
Leena Sabbah, Sudan, 5 min, English
Dead as a Dodo is an experimental short that attempts to lay bare the settler colonial mythology at the heart of the popular narrative of the Dodo’s extinction.

When Beirut Was Beirut
Alessandra El Chanti, Lebanon, 12 min, Arabic with English subtitles
Three monumental buildings in Beirut come to life and reminisce over their stories of their lives prior to and during the 1975 Civil War.

Voices and Locks
Ilham Bakir, Turkey/Netherlands, 20 min, Kurdish and Armenian with English subtitles
Will childhood memories connect two childhood friends who have a property conflict?

Rasha Amer, UAE, 10 min, Arabic with English subtitles
Osha follows a mother and daughter as they travel through the desert hunting with falcons, the traditional Emirati method that has been passed down through the generations.



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This event has passed.