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Saturday Night Fever

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The movie that made John Travolta a star and propelled The Bee Gees to the top of the charts. An enthralling mixture of working class realism and dance floor euphoria, Saturday Night Fever was a box office smash, coming in on the heels of Star Wars and Close Encounters. Travolta is Tony Manero, a Brooklyn born and bred Italian American. By day he works in a paint store. At night, he struts his stuff on the dance floor. He’s a crude macho narcissist, yet Travolta shows us his vulnerability and his charm. This new school musical isn’t so very different from the old school, but it has bags of energy and feels true to its place and time.

It’s Tony’s pent-up physicality – his needing to dance, his becoming himself only when he dances – that draws us into the pop rapture of this film. The mood, the beat, and the trance rhythm are so purely entertaining…

Pauline Kael

This isn’t simply a story about two people who win the dance prize and fall in love. It’s about the poverty of imagination and opportunity in Italian-American life, about families without much hope.

David Thomson, Have You Seen…?

August 24 only: Introduction from UBC educator William Brown


John Badham


John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller

Country of Origin






118 min

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Executive Producer

Kevin McCormick


Robert Stigwood


Norman Wexler


Ralf D. Bode


David Rawlins

Original Music

The Bee Gees

Production Design

Charles Bailey

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