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Spirited Away

Screening in 35mm

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Dedicated to “the people who used to be ten years old, and the people who are going to be ten years old”, this may be Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece and his most fabulous film. Chihiro and her parents are en route to a new home when they drive through a mysterious tunnel and enter a deserted town. When her folks start gorging on food and transform into a pair of pigs, Chihiro discovers this place is not quite as empty as she had imagined. This is a place of spirits, gods, monsters and witches. Surrendering her name and going into service in order to rescue her parents, Chihiro – or Sen – finds the courage and resourcefulness to persevere. By critical consensus, this is one of the greatest animated movies of all time; indeed, it may well be the very best.

Screening here in Japanese with English subtitles

Our Studio Ghibli Forever! season continues May 14 & 15 with The Cat Returns


Picks up a resonance, weight and complexity that makes it all but Shakespearean… No other word for it: a masterpiece.

Tony Rayns, Time Out

Six stars (exception must be made for the excepional). Spirited Away is a feast of wonderment, a movie classic and a joy that will enrich your existence until you too are spirited away. I don’t expect ever to love a film more.

Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

Enchanted and enchanting… fast and funny; weird and wonderful. Mostly wonderful.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


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Hayao Miyazaki

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In Japanese with English subtitles


All Ages Welcome!

125 min

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