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In the first Tibetan language film to be made in Canada, Tenzin (Tenzin Kelsang) is a young Tibetan man living in Toronto, struggling to come to terms with the death by self-immolation of his older brother as an act of nonviolent protest of the treatment of Tibetans living under the current Chinese occupation. Listless and unsure of himself, Tenzin navigates a life with one foot in Western youth culture (clubbing, low wages, etc) and the other, somewhat reluctantly, in the devoted Buddhist community of his fellow exiled Tibetans.

Made collaboratively with the Tibetan community in Parkdale, Ontario, Tenzin is a poignant character study with deft political and philosophical shadings, and a striking electronic/drone score by composer Colin Stetson (Hereditary; The Menu).


March 18: Filmmaker Q&A


Michael LeBlanc, Joshua Reichmann


Tenzin Kelsang, Tenzin Choekyi, Salden Kunga, Yeshi Tenzin

Country of Origin





In English and Tibetan with English subtitles

86 min

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This event has passed.

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