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The Good Boss

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No Spanish film has ever recorded more Goya (*Spanish Oscar) nominations than the 20 picked up by The Good Boss this year. It won six: Best Picture, Director, Actor, Original Screenplay, Score and Editing. Writer-director Fernando León de Aranoa (Mondays in the Sun) has fashioned a shrewd class satire about a proudly benevolent businessman Julio Blanco (Javier Bardem), whose family firm manufactures scales for home and industrial use. Short listed for a good business award, Blanco is determined that the factory should put on its best face for the imminent inspection. But there are snags: an angry ex-employee is picketing the front gate; a veteran manager is going through a marital crisis and his work is suffering; and then there’s the sexy new marketing intern, Liliana (Almudena Amor)…

Bardem (is there a better actor working today?) commands the show here as the paternalistic patrón, one of those all too familiar smug and self-righteous industrialists whose surface charm masks ruthless narcissism. While ostensibly keeping the tone light and amusing, de Aranoa cleverly notches up the stakes and skewers Blanco’s hypocrisy without forcing the kind of self-reckoning that would be completely out of character for a man as morally complacent as this. Deft comic supporting turns – the security guard with an unexpected ear for poetry; the slyly seductive intern – round out a superbly realized political entertainment.

Slickly entertaining… reminiscent of the Coen brothers.

Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

Perfectly weighted comedy… darkly funny… resonances echo well beyond Spain.

Maria Delgado, Sight & Sound


Fernando León de Aranoa


Javier Bardem, Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor

Country of Origin





In Spanish with English subtitles


6 Goya, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay

120 min

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Executive Producer

Patricia de Muns, Pilar de Heras, Laura Fdez Espeso, Eva Garrido, Marisa Fdez Armenteros


Fernando León de Aranoa, Jaume Roures, Javier Méndez


Fernando León de Aranoa


Pau Esteve Birba


Vanessa Marimbert

Original Music

Zeltia Montes

Art Director

César Macarrón