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Turn Every Page:

The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb

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When journalist Robert Caro decided to write his first book, he settled on New York’s urban planner Robert Moses as his subject. Some years and tens of thousands of words into the project, his agent introduced him to publisher Robert Gottlieb. If Gottlieb was fazed by a manuscript that was almost as tall as his desk, he didn’t show it. He knew from the first 20 pages that The Power Broker would be a magnificent book – just so long as they could get it to fit between two covers. So began a professional relationship which would endure through half a century and (so far) five and a half volumes, the bulk of them dedicated to Caro’s monumental biography of Lyndon Johnson.

Director Lizzie Gottlieb (Robert’s daughter) spent years persuading Caro to participate in the film, but it’s clear he came to trust her. Anyone interested in the work of a writer, in books, or who shares Caro’s fascination with the workings of power will find much to think about here.

Turn Every Page is one step away from turning into a Herzogian monument to obsession or plunging into crazed psychodrama. Instead, it is merely a great profile, filled with wit, affection and detailed stories of how the books came to be.

Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times

What a pleasure it is to witness these two gentlemen at work, doing something they love. This documentary is as exhilarating to me as any Hollywood action-adventure yarn. I loved every minute.

Leonard Maltin


Owen Gleiberman, Variety


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Robert Caro, Robert Gottlieb

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Maria Zuckerman, Christine Connor, Ryan Heller, Michael Bloom, Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Kevin Vargas, Nion McEvoy, Leslie Berriman, Avy Eschenasy, Michael Young


Joanne Nerenberg, Jen Small, Lizzie Gottlieb


Mott Hupfel


Molly Bernstein, Kristen Nutile

Original Music

Olivier Manchon, Clare Manchon