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VIFF Short Forum: Program 2

This event has passed

Fear, doubt, and loneliness give way to pleasure, empowerment, and reclamation—or, is it the other way around?


 Q&A Oct 2 & Oct 4


This short film program includes the following films:

i see me watching
Sidney Gordon, BC (8 min)

Through formal experimentation based on the artist’s personal struggle with gender identity, a singular self has been split into two.


Scaring Women at Night
Karimah Zakia Issa, ON (11 min)

Two strangers walking alone at night in the same direction notice each other. While one becomes increasingly afraid, the other tries—unsuccessfully—to appear less threatening.


Blond Night
Gabrielle Demers, QC (17 min)

Worlds entwine when Victor, an autistic man who resides in a housing community, goes for a walk and meets Jessy, a sex worker ejected from a customer’s vehicle.


Beth Warrian, ON (11 min)

Luci, a queer Peruvian-Canadian woman, gives her beloved nephew the Christmas gift of his dreams: a beautiful sequined dress. But when he tries to show the rest of the family, Luci finds herself enacting the same restrictions and shaming she has experienced herself.


First Months of Freedom
Kriss Li, QC (10 min)

Cat, a transgender woman in Tennessee, has completed parole. Using phone videos, Skype calls, archival material, and footage shot by a friend, a portrait emerges of the challenges posed by her newfound freedom.


Kaho Yoshida, BC (2 min)

Tired of her date’s racist and sexist comments, a woman decides to liberate his tongue.


Patty Vs. Patty
Chris Strikes, ON (19 min)

In 1985, Jamaican bakers went head-to-head with the Canadian government over the name of the beef patty, as recounted by Michael Davidson of Kensington Patty Palace.


Minus Twenty
Jack Parker, AB (7 min)

A day in the life of a cold storage facility worker.


Gabriel Allard Gagnon, QC (21 min)

A coming-of-age story in the small Arctic village of Ivujivik, where teenage Ali would rather spend his time dreaming of being a hip-hop superstar instead of going hunting with his dad.


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Various with English subtitles

Content Warning

Sexual Violence, Racial Discrimination

Open to youth!

106 min

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This event has passed.

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