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VIFF Short Forum: Program 5

This event has passed

Growing up is hard to do, often harder as we get older.


 Q&A Oct 5 & Oct 9


This short film program includes the following films:

Ginger Le Pêcheur, QC (8 min)

Alone in a messy home, a young girl spends the day playing by herself.


Pro Pool
Alec Pronovost, QC (8 min)

Charles-Olivier, a recent graduate who had majored in Viking history, begins a new job at a pool shop.


Arnaud Beaudoux, QC (13 min)

Over the course of 15 days on a commercial trawler, a hyper-intimate portrayal of life and death on the high seas is documented.


The Faraway Place
Kenny Welsh, BC (14 min)

A young woman and her father, both of whom have horns, flee from a violent cult on a mission to eradicate their kind.


I Empower as a Mother
Inder Nirwan, Dani Barker, BC (11 min)

Patricia Massy, the founder and director of Massy Arts Society and co-founder of Indigenous Brilliance collective, shares aspects of her life, work, and business, Massy Books.


Amélia Raposo, Tiago Freire Brosseau, QC (19 min)

After joining a high school soccer team made up of older girls, 11-year-old Pierre-Amelia is exposed to teenager sex talk. This precipitates her sexual awakening, and she develops an unexpected, taboo crush.


The Passing
Jackson Harvey, QC (6 min)

A dairy farmer searches for one of his cows that has wandered off in a blizzard.


Rocket Fuel
Jessie Posthumus, ON (12 min)

Three siblings decide to collect the cans and bottles left over from they backyard party their parents hosted the previous night. On their journey to the bottling depot, obstacles arise.


Heartbeat of a Nation
Eric Janvier, AB (21 min)

Honouring the Dene Drum, this documentary celebrates the healing of a community and nation through the reclamation and passing down of traditional teachings within a Dene family.


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Various with English subtitles

Content Warning


Open to youth!

112 min

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This event has passed.

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