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We Are All Different: Program 2

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In recognition of National Indigenous History Month, we present We Are All Different, a collection of contemporary Indigenous shorts that explore heritage, lived experiences, relationships, and identity. Each film is accompanied by an interview with its creator, offering greater insights into their respective practices, approaches, and motivations.

This short film program includes the following films:

Charlene Moore, MB (4 min)A study of shedding away colonial patterns in order to find truth within the ways of life of one’s natural self.


Indigenous Dads
Peter Brass, SK (12 min)Four Indigenous dads candidly discuss their fears and hopes in raising their kids in today’s world.


Kiri and the Girl
Grace Dove, BC (22 min)Inspired by the experiences of Tlingit artist Kiri Geen, this is the story of a young girl navigating the loss of her mother, reclaiming her Indigenous heritage, and becoming her true self.


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Charlene Moore, Peter Brass, Grace Dove

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In English and Tlingit with English subtitles


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38 min

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Available June 17 - July 14
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