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Conversations with celebrated creators

VIFF Labs empower the emerging creator by cultivating meaningful direct engagement extending beyond the boundaries of their craft.

Designed for intimate, invitation-only groups formed through targeted community partnerships, Labs facilitate interactive, hands-on knowledge sharing and nurture conversations between established global talent and local creators. The framework and programming of Labs is designed to be open and safe. Conversations take place in a non-hierarchical environment, allowing local emerging artists to connect with each other as well as with more established filmmakers.

Take a look back at the VIFF 2022 Labs

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Participant Reviews

“Was very insightful and an honour to be part of an intimate conversation with industry professionals. Always great to hear peoples stories and how they got to where they are. I left feeling inspired.”

“The format really worked, the moderator made sure that everyone had time to speak. I feel like I learned a lot about starting to produce or upleveling from shorts to feature lengths.”

“It was a good, intimate event and it was really great to have Ellen Kuras right there. I liked that the lab had a smaller number of people, it felt less intimidating to ask questions and also gave Ellen enough time to properly discuss and elaborate on points.”

Past Guests Have Included

RaMell Ross, Director Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Marie Clements, Writer, Director, Producer Red Snow

Jen Malone, Music Supervisor Euphoria and Atlanta

Tyler Hagan, Producer The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open and Never Steady, Never Still

Tarik Bradford, President, Dahomey Music

Karen Pearlman, Author Cutting Rhythms: Intuitive

Madonna Wade Reed, Music Supervisor Batwoman and Whoopsie Daisy

Jennifer Abbott, Director The New Corporation: The unfortunately Necessary

Chase Joynt, Director Framing Agnes

Aisling Chin Yee, Director The Rest Of Us

Theo Anthony, Director, All Light, Everywhere

Lindsey Dryden, Producer Trans In America

Kirsten Johnson, Director Dick Johnson Is Dead

Joseph Patel, Producer Summer of Soul

James LeBrecht, Co-Director Crip Camp