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A Matter of Trust film image, director Annette K Olesen

A Matter of Trust

Ingen kender dagen

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Canadian Premiere

In the course of one lovely summer afternoon in Denmark, lives are irrevocably changed. A Matter of Trust features five unrelated stories about different relationships: a morally conflicted doctor and a repatriated Afghan man; a bullied high school student and his teacher; a husband and his new lover; a naive pregnant woman and her older husband; and a young girl and her estranged mother. Stories are seamlessly woven and unfold organically, as characters discover trust and mistrust between strangers and those with whom they are closest.

Moving and emotional, the film delights with its unpredictability and shocks with its raw, unflinching moments of betrayal. Director Annette K Olesen (Borgen) expertly crafts these humorous, tragic, powerful narratives and tells them in an understated, elegant way. The lush Danish landscape is beautifully captured and the tales are wonderfully acted by a talented ensemble cast, including Trine Dyrholm (Margrete – Queen of the North) and Jakob Cedergren (The Guilty). A thought-provoking, intensely felt, and tender look at the nature of trust in modern relationships.


Trine Dyrholm, Emil Aron Dorph, Ellen Rovsing Knudsen, Jakob Cedergren, Sofie Juul Blinkenberg, Morten Hee Andersen, Lisbet Dahl

Country of Origin






Content Warning

Sexual Violence, Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty, Self Harm

105 min
Women Directors

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This event has passed.

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Executive Producer

Bo Ehrhardt, Birgitte Hald


Jonas Frederiksen


Maren Louise Käehne, Annette K. Olesen


Anders Nydam


Denniz Göl Bertelsen

Production Design

Heidi Plugge

Original Music

Kåre Bjerkø



Annette K Olesen

Annette K. Olesen graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1991. Her feature film debut Minor Mishaps (2002) won the Blue Angel Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. Little Soldier (2008) was the third of Olesen’s films to compete at the Berlinale and won the Ecumenical Jury Prize. She has also directed episodes of the cult classic Borgen (2010), as well as the series Bankerot (2014-2015). Most recently, Olesen has been the developing producer for the HBO show Kamikaze (2021).

Filmography: Minor Mishaps (2002); 1:1 (2006); Little Soldier (2008); Skytten (2013)