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VIFF Centre: Our Next Chapter

The VIFF Centre is closed for renovations and will reopen in mid August. We’re upgrading the VIFF Centre’s main theatre, installing state-of-the-art projection, immersive sound, and refurbishing our much-loved seats.

Let’s showcase exceptional cinema as it deserves to be experienced.

What We're Planning

The VIFF Centre opened nearly two decades ago, and since then we’ve had over 600,000 people through our doors. It’s time for our next chapter. These upgrades will breathe new life into every story and unlock new possibilities for film programming and artistic expression.

Audience on the edge of their seats

State-of-the-Art Projection

It’s VIFF’s duty to offer a best-in-class showcase of the work of our talented filmmakers. Our new 4K laser projector will set the bar with spectacular true-to-life image quality. The strong contrast allows for darker darks, allowing a cinematographer’s work to be seen in its full beauty.

audience members enjoying show

Immersive Sound

BC’s world-renowned filmmakers increasingly request Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio in the presentation of their films. Our new overhead speakers will bring you closer to the stories you love with breathtaking sound that moves all around you.

happy audience seated in theatre

Refurbished Seats

Our seats are well loved. And they’re beginning to show it. So we’ve decided to give them a touch up. Refurbished seats will provide utmost comfort, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in each film. We’ll retain the luxurious legroom and seats you love, while making them even cozier.

Why This Matters

Jean-Philippe Marquis headshot

This is where I screened Silvicola on the west coast, in BC for the first time, at DOXA Documentary Film Festival. There’s very few theatres that will collaborate with smaller festivals and play emerging, more creative films, that are less commercial. This is the place to see those kind of films, so it’s very important.

Jean-Philippe Marquis, Director, Silvicola

Kim Albright headshot

To me, this is a venue like no other. Vancouverites like myself wouldn’t get the chance to see a lot of inspiring and important films if it wasn’t for the VIFF Centre. I completely see the value in having state-of-the-art projection and sound for showcasing my work and for experiencing other films. Otherwise, audiences can’t quite appreciate the film in all its glory.

Kim Albright, Director, With Love and a Major Organ

Edward Pascal headshot

The VIFF Centre takes you on a trip around the world to see different cultures, hear different music, and see different geographical scenes. A major part of my love of the VIFF Centre is the friendliness of the staff and volunteers, and the social gathering aspect. It’s a community.

Edward Pascal, VIFF Donor

Support Our Next Chapter

The VIFF Centre is one of the only West Coast cinemas dedicated to screening new work by independent Canadian, Indigenous and international filmmakers. Your gift will help us to properly showcase their films as they deserve to be experienced, offer spectacular cinema at affordable rates to the community, and enable us to serve our region for years to come.

Group selfie in VIFF Centre Atrium