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Cinema Etiquette

We want every audience member to have the best viewing experience while attending events at all VIFF Venues. For the comfort of our guests:

  1. Take an active role in creating a respectful and welcoming environment.
  2. Listen and be courteous to VIFF staff and volunteers.
  3. We understand that lateness can happen; let us assist you in finding your seat.
  4. Only save seats for ticket holders. This assists us in getting folks in from the standby line.
  5. If you find something that has been left behind, leave the item where it is and inform a VIFF volunteer or staff member
  6. While inside the cinema, enjoy theatre appropriate food.
  7. While the lights are down in the auditorium do not use cell phones* or recording devices. Recording films on screen is illegal in Canada.
  8. Wait until after the film to talk to your friends.*
  9. Help our volunteers and staff by utilizing recycling and trash receptacles.
  10. VIFF Centre is a scent free space.

*This fluctuates during certain events e.g. Relaxed screenings.