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Community Access Tickets

VIFF is committed to making films accessible to audiences. Through our Community Access Ticket program, we strive to remove barriers to inclusion. Each year, VIFF provides complimentary Community Access tickets to a variety of organizations that work with individuals who face barriers to attending film screenings at VIFF Centre or during the Festival.


Is there an organization you think would benefit from receiving Community Access tickets? Let us know by emailing [email protected]

Note: VIFF is unable to offer Community Access tickets to individuals directly. Individuals looking to experience the Festival are encouraged to connect with Community Access Ticket partners or speak to our Box Office for ticket rates.


Looking for ticket donations to use for your event or fundraiser? Please fill out the form on our Ticket Donation Requests page.

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If you would like to support VIFF’s efforts to make cinema accessible to everyone, donations to VIFF can be made below.

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Community Access Ticket Partners

Rainbow Refugee

Founded in 2000, Rainbow Refugee promotes safe, equitable migration and communities of belonging for people fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or HIV status. We provide support, information, and system navigation to refugees and refugee claimants seeking refugee status in Canada. We manage the Rainbow Refugee Assistant Partnership, allowing us to privately sponsor refugees in collaboration with other LGBTQI+ organizations in the Rainbow Coalition for Refuge.

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The Kettle Society

The Kettle Society’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness. We do this by providing advocacy, housing, employment and community services; offering opportunities to gather and access compassionate assistance; supporting recovery for those living with mental illness; promoting mental health in the community; and promoting inclusion of individuals living with mental illness in all aspects of society.

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Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House Vancouver’s purpose is to serve all youth with relentless support, absolute respect, and unconditional love. We help youth experiencing homelessness, and protect and safeguard all youth in need. We recognize the fundamental worth of every human being, and create a safe setting where all youth – regardless of life experience or identity – are served without judgement.

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Are you a permanent resident (within your first 5 years of residency) or a new Canadian citizen? Canoo is a program that gives you, and up to four of your children (under 18), free access to over 1400+ attractions, destinations, and events around Canada, as well as discounts on experiences and products with leading brands such as Air Canada and Via Rail. Visit our website and download the Canoo App for free and get your one-year Canoo membership.

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