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Beans film image

Ignite: Spring 2023


Image: Beans, at VIFF Centre

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Unarchived film image, co-directors Hayley Gray and Elad Tzadok


Unarchived is a feature documentary that explores the diverse, underrepresented and erased histories in British Columbia. We’ll follow local Knowledge Keepers and organizations across the province as they subvert the dominant historical narrative in our museums and archives, and fight for a more inclusive history.

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The Six film image

The Six

Among Titanic’s 705 survivors were six Chinese men whose stories were lost due to America’s Chinese Exclusion Act. Executive produced by James Cameron, this documentary grants them their rightful place in history by uncovering their sacrifices.

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Returning Home film image

Returning Home

Intertwining narratives concerning residential school survivors, including Orange Shirt Day founder Phyllis Jack-Webstad, and Indigenous peoples’ relationship with imperiled wild Pacific salmon, Sean Stiller’s documentary is a testament to resilience.

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Beans film image


In this moving, delicate and raw autobiographical coming-of-age movie, Tracey Deer harks back to her personal rebellion at the age of 12, in the midst of the standoff between Mohawks and settlers in Oka, Quebec that raged 30 years ago this summer.

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Flee film image


Amin says the diary where he documented what happened to him during the Soviet-Afghan war is written in Dari, a language he now only barely recollects. In Flee, Jonas Poher Rasmussen illustrates how the incomplete nature of this story shapes Amin’s life.

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Rosie film image, director Gail Maurice


Rosie is an orphaned Indigenous girl sent to live with her reluctant street-smart aunt. Rosie soon transforms the lives of the colourful characters she meets and together, they find acceptance and home with her in a chosen family of glittering outsiders.

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Night Raiders film image

Night Raiders

After Niska’s daughter is taken by military occupiers in war-ravaged North America circa 2043, she joins a group of Cree vigilantes to spring their children from a fortified compound. Sometimes, survival hinges on more than just a killer instinct.

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Portraits From a Fire film image

Portraits From a Fire

Undaunted by paltry audiences at his DIY films on the Tl’etinqox Reserve, teenage Tyler remains convinced that he’s bound for bigger things. But when a DV tape resurfaces that casts new light on his family’s history, Tyler must unearth difficult truths.

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