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Industry 2023

VIFF Industry Days serves as a hub for film and television professionals to engage in dialogue, network, and celebrate the film culture of Western Canada. This year, across three packed days, industry experts participated in influential keynote speeches, panels, ask-me-anything sessions, dialogues, case studies, and networking, all at the VIFF Centre.

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The ever-evolving VIFF Industry Days takes shape this year with over twenty dynamic events featuring 50+ experts, funders, and filmmakers who will generously share their knowledge and experience with us. I’m looking forward to meeting and mingling with our industry peers over breakfast, lunches, and cocktails, and to try the highly anticipated Swapcard designed to make networking easier than ever!
Kinga Binkowska, VIFF Industry Curator

Take a look back at Industry Days 2023


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Co-Production Forum

The VIFF Co-production Forum gathered global producers to share insights and advice on navigating Canada’s expansive bilateral treaties and evolving collaboration landscapes.


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Producing in BC

Top BC producers shared candid insights on navigating the local industry, funding structures, upcoming challenges, and emerging prospects.

Featured Speakers: Sara Blake (Ceroma Films), Michelle Morris (Lily Pictures), Mike Johnston (Studio 104 Entertainment), & Michael Tanko Grand (Grand Scheme Productions)


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Comedy Voices in Canada

Top Canadian comedy creators shared their insights on hit shows, navigating the genre, TV and film work, relevance, inclusivity, and crafting entertaining characters.

Featured Speakers: Cody Lightning (Hey, Viktor!), Zoe Hopkins (Run Women Run), Molly McGlynn (Fitting In)
Moderator: Chandler Levack


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DGC Visionaries Panel

The Directors Guild of Canada presented a day of fascinating conversations with renowned filmmakers.


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The Art of the Portrait in Documentary

Some of the most skilled documentary filmmakers discussed how to capture the true and authentic essence of a person, whether they are a prominent and well-documented figure or an ordinary yet meaningful character.

Featured Speakers: Asher Penn (Physician, Heal Thyself)


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“Lights, Camera, Climate Action” – Exploring the Power of Film to Spark Environmental Change

Reel Green™ and Creative BC led the discussion with award-winning filmmakers on the impact of their work and why climate representation in media isn’t just creative but an ethical obligation, capable of inspiring global action.


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Impact Production Hub

This launch event showed how the Impact Production Hub will support film projects through to development, using cinema as a powerful catalyst for change.

Thrill & Chill: The Art of Genre Filmmaking

This panel brought together a group of Canadian directors with films that played at VIFF 2023 to explore their work on genre films. Topics included finding inspiration, building atmosphere and more.

Featured Speakers: Pascal Plante, Zarrar Kahn, Jacqueline Castel
Moderator: Kier-La Janisse


Introducing Swapcard

Enjoy a new festival experience


We’re thrilled to introduce the industry networking app Swapcard to this year’s festival experience! Industry pass holders will be invited to use the app to follow and manage their schedules, see who else is participating in the event, and create new connections directly through the app.

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