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Inside the Lochmaddy Studio Theatre

Lochmaddy Studio Theatre Venue Rental

The 17-ft screen, 2K projection and surround Dolby sound ensure a high-quality viewing experience.

This 41-seat theatre space offers film lovers an intimate setting to view an extended range of programming including arthouse cinema, local films and private screenings.



Lochmaddy Studio Theatre Rental Rates

Rentals are booked according to availability and with preference accorded to our longstanding partners. All rates below are at the non-profit rate, 50% discounted from the corporate rate. Ticketing services are not included.

Monday – Friday
3-hour daytime slot 
Monday – Thursday
3-hour evening slot 
Saturday – Sunday
3-hour daytime slot 
Friday – Sunday
3-hour evening slot 
  • VIFF may operate the Vancity Theatre concurrently.
  • Required staffing includes a theatre manager and tech (both mandatory) charged at $25 per hour and $40 per hour, respectively.
  • Additional staff may be necessary for box office and support. Concessions staff are covered by VIFF.


Lochmaddy Studio Theatre seats

Lochmaddy Studio Theatre screen

Inside the Lochmaddy Studio Theatre

Lochmaddy Studio Theatre in action