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Relaxed Screenings

Image: Full Circle, at VIFF Centre

Relaxed screenings are open to ANYONE who would benefit from a less restrictive and sensory-friendly experience including (but not limited to) people living with dementia; Autistic people; people with learning difficulties; people with a sensory or communication disorder; parents with young babies; and anyone who feels they would benefit from a more supportive and inclusive experience.

How much are tickets? That’s up to you! Pay what you can for tickets to relaxed screenings. We do not want the cost of tickets to hinder your ability to attend. Click on “Book Tickets” and select the amount ($0, $7, $15, $20) you can pay per ticket.

Note: Not all screenings of each film are relaxed screenings. Please see individual film pages or the “Upcoming Relaxed Screenings” section below for more details.


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Relaxed Screening Expectations

  • The lights to be up so it is not too dark
  • The film sound levels to be lowered
  • No trailers before the film
  • Fewer tickets sold so folks can choose where they want to sit
  • Audience noise and movement during the show
  • Freedom to enter and exit the cinema
  • A chill out space
  • Sound reduction headphones
  • Extra staff and volunteers on site to answer questions

Upcoming Relaxed Screenings

At this time there are no upcoming relaxed screenings. Check back later!