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2001: A Space Odyssey

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Based on Arthur C Clarke’s short story ’The Sentinel’, 2001: A Space Odyssey redefined the sci-fi genre. With its radical structure (a single cut elides 4 million years), scant dialogue and oblique narrative this was the first movie to emulate the philosophical seriousness of writers like Clarke and Philip K Dick, and the first to see that special effects could become an integral component in the art-form.

The film’s pacing is deeply unfashionable (except in the art-house) but seen on the big screen it still holds up as a spellbindingly immersive experience. Made at the height of excitement around the space age – just a year before the first Moon landing – the movie combines a typically cold Kubrickian rationalism with a genuine sense of awe, mystery, and (often overlooked), beauty.

2001 came in at #6 in the 2022 Sight & Sound poll of critics and academics, but topped the list voted by film directors.

Sunday’s screening in our PANTHEON series will feature free refreshments and a short introduction by an expert in the field.


Jul 16: Introduced by Steven Malcic, Lecturer, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University


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Stanley Kubrick


Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood

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141 min

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Stanley Kubrick


Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke


Geoffrey Unsworth


Ray Lovejoy

In the Mood for Love
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In the Mood for Love

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VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre
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In Abbas Kiarostami's self-reflexive non-fiction narrative feature, Sabzian, an illiterate film buff who passed himself off as the Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf plays himself in reconstructions of his fraud.

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Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane film image

Citizen Kane

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VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre