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Goya, Carrière and the Ghost of Buñuel film image, director José Luis López-Linares

Goya, Carrière and the Ghost of Buñuel

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International Premiere

Each great artist passes a handwritten note to the next generation.”—Julian Schnabel

Following his acclaimed Bosch: The Garden of Dreams, José Luis López-Linares invited the great French screenwriter (and novelist, and director) Jean-Claude Carrière to survey the work of the great 18th-century Spanish artist Francisco Goya. Carrière wrote the screenplay for Milos Forman’s Goya’s Ghosts, after all. More than that, he was for two decades Luis Buñuel’s closest collaborator; he and Buñuel twice made pilgrimage to the Prado to steep in Goya’s paintings, finding there the full spectrum of joy, love, and anguish.

In his late 80s, Carrière proves an engaging, philosophical, and insightful guide, musing freely on biographical tidbits, close scrutiny of the art, and reflecting on his own life, music, movies, and the human condition. Carrière passed away last year before the film was complete, so the documentary also serves as a remembrance of this charming writer and intellectual, bolstered by further commentary from filmmakers Julian Schnabel and Carlos Saura, as well as several curators, critics, and academics. It’s a pleasure to be immersed in this level of erudition and enthusiasm for art.


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Jean-Claude Carrière, Julian Schnabel, Carlos Saura

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In French, Spanish, and English with English subtitles

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90 min
Art, Music & Photography Documentary

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This event has passed.

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Executive Producer

Ruth Gabriel


José Luis López-Linares, Antonio Saura, Stéphane Sorlat


Jean-Claude Carrière, Cristina Otero Roth


José Luis Lopez-Linares, Andrés Recio Illán


Cristina Otero Roth


José Luis López-Linares headshot, Goya, Carrière and the Ghost of Buñuel director

José Luis López-Linares

José Luis López-Linares began his career in film as a cinematographer before moving into directing and producing documentaries 20 years ago. His works have been nominated for the Emmy Awards, selected for major international film festivals, and received numerous awards, including three Goya Awards. His first feature documentary, Storm the Skies (1997), won the Ondas Special Jury Award. Bosch: The Garden of Dreams (2016) was awarded Best Documentary by Cinema Writers Circle Awards in Spain. López-Linares wrote the script for Finding Altamira (2016) starring Antonio Banderas.

Filmography: Storm the Skies (1997); The Chicken, the Fish and the King Crab (2008); Bosch: The Garden of Dreams (2016); Altamira, the Origin of Art (2018)