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WaaPaKe is a story about resilience, love and transformation. Examined through an Indigenous lens, the stories of residential school Survivor-Warriors and their families offer an understanding of both intergenerational trauma and healing. We are taken to a studio set-up in front of a green screen. Through compassionate, candid conversations, Jules Koostatchin shares interviews with five individuals, family and friends, that all directly or indirectly experienced intergenerational trauma. They tell of their survival, and the impacts felt throughout families and generations. The word ’Waapake in swampy Cree means tomorrow, and it’s used to signify how they move forward in a good way and work towards healing with each other, within families, and within the community around them. Thematically it is a powerful, courageous, and vulnerable documentary. WaaPaKe reflects where we are in the Truth and Reconciliation in Canada following the 215 unmarked graves, and offers hopeful and determined perspectives looking to the future.


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In English and Cree with English subtitles

Content Warning

Depictions of Racism, Residential Schools

80 min

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•  Social 9

•  Social 10

•  Explorations in Social Studies 11

•  English First Peoples: Literary Studies 11

•  New Media 11

•  BC First Peoples 12

•  Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12

•  Social Justice 12

•  Political Studies 12

•  New Media 10-12

•  Genocide Studies 12

•  Film + Television 11+12

•  New Media 11+12


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Photo by Karolina Turek

Jules Arita Koostachin

Dr. Jules Arita Koostachin (Attawapiskat) is an award-winning filmmaker, mother, and academic. Social justice themes emerge in her films, alongside bravery, healing, connection and humour. Jules honours her Cree-speaking grandparents who raised her, and her mother, a residential school Survivor/warrior. Jules is an alumni from Concordia’s Theatre program, including Toronto Metropolitan University’s Documentary Media masters program, receiving early recognition with an Award of Distinction and an Academic Gold Medal for her thesis documentary film, Remembering Inninimowin. Jules holds a Ph.D. in Indigenous documentary from UBC.

Filmography: Broken Angel (2023); Placenta (2012); Remembering Inninimowin (2010)





Tuesday, October 3 9:30 am International Village, Theatre 9
Available September 28-October 6 VIFF Connect

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Executive Producer

Shirley Vercruysse


Teri Snelgrove


Jules Arita Koostachin


Michael Bourquin


Jessica Dymond

Original Music

Justin Delorme