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Indigo Girls: It's Only Life After All

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Blending 40 years of home movies, raw film archive, and intimate present-day verité, this is a poignant reflection from Amy Ray & Emily Saliers of Indigo Girls – the iconic folk rock duo. Fans will be amazed at the wealth of archival material from the 1980s and 90s, but what’s fascinating about the film is hearing how these two very different, complimentary personalities see their story, and in particular how they navigated being gay at a time when homophobia was a kneejerk reaction in the culture.

The rare confessional rockumentary that envelops you like a soft blanket.

Robyn Bahr, The Hollywood Reporter

An affecting portrait of two women who have stuck to their beliefs and, just as important, their loyalty to each other. Existing fans will be mesmerized, but non-fans like me should also get a kick out of It’s Only Life After All.

Elizabeth Vincentelli, New York Times

Brimming with previously unseen footage and refreshingly frank interviews with the artists, it’s an adoring opus befitting two long overlooked musicians and activists.

Jude Dry, Indiewire


Alexandria Bombach


Amy Ray, Emily Saliers

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123 min
A Multitude Films Production

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Monday May 20

8:30 pm
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Thursday May 23

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Jess Devaney, Anya Rous


Colleen Cassingham, Brock Williams

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