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Vancouver Premiere
Rails, Jails and Trolleys documents history’s largest farmers’ protest and the Canadian diaspora’s response to it. This groundbreaking documentary captures the electric ethos of a protest that received international attention and the resounding response by Canadians to the movement. A full year in the making the documentary tells the story of why and how the farmers’ movement ignited a nation and youth, women and men from all over the world.

A panel discussion/Q&A will follow the screening.

Keynote Speaker: Henna Mann, Director, Rails, Jails & Trolleys

Henna Mann, Director, Rails, Jails & Trolleys
Mo Dhaliwal, Film Subject, Rails, Jails & Trolleys
Bal Dhillon, Community School Coordinator, Burnaby School District; Film Subject, Rails, Jails & Trolleys
Anita Lal, Director of Operations, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility, Moving Forward Family Services; Co-founder, Poetic Justice Foundation
Jagdeesh Mann, Journalist; Founder and Managing Director, Suflower Media; Film Subject, Rails, Jails & Trolleys
Moderator: Kiran Singh, Reporter; Journalist


Henna Mann


Bal Dhillon, Bhupinder Hundal, Harbhajan Singh Athwal, Harneet Chahal, Jagdeesh Mann, Jaskaran Sandhu

Country of Origin






Content Warning



Open to youth!

71 min

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Thursday February 22

3:30 pm
Guests/Q&As Hearing Assistance U18 May Attend
VIFF Centre - Vancity Theatre
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Dr. Satwinder Kaur Bains


Henna Mann, Naveen Kumar, Himanshu Dua, Jaskaran Singh, Gurdeep Dhaliwal and Jasveer Singh


Henna Mann

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