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Forward Bundle

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A highly experimental bundle, these films use neorealism, experimentation with the 8/16mm film medium, editing, and breaking the fourth wall to push the boundaries of what narratives can include and how audiences experience them.

The moped and the goldfinch dir. by Amir Bensaifi
Algeria | Algerian Arabic | 12 min
This project is a short film that tells us the story of Moufida , from a village in eastern Algeria, who decides to go and see his lover in Algiers by crossing the country on a moped. She finds herself confronted with the author of her story. A discussion between the two begins generating some tension.

Ariha dir. by Malak Jabareen
Palestine | Arabic | 11 min
Ariha is a collection of small moments captured through the director’s point of view on a family trip to Ariha (Jericho).

I’ve Known Rivers dir. by Saif Fradj and Esraa Elfeky
Egypt/Tunisia | Arabic | 18 min
“South of Ajdabya”, founded by Esraa Elfeky from Egypt and Saif Fradj from Tunisia, is a 2022 made collective of filmmakers interested in the north African desert, its mythologies, geologies, and anthropology. Using a mix of old filmmaking techniques (analog) with digital drawings and contemporary audio-visual effects, the collective aims to rewrite a common lost memory of the North African region on which the subjective imagination interacts.

Fariha dir. by Negine Jasmine Sekandari
USA | Dari | 5 min
In the media, there is a huge disconnect between Afghans represented and Afghans that I grew up with. I wanted to create a film showcasing a glimpse of my grandmother, Fariha, as to me, she embodies most of the Afghan women that I am surrounded by. Afghans are complex, joyful, humorous, emotional, and deeply intelligent people – too many times those qualities are overlooked by the shadow of violence, war, and oppression – but my people are so much more than that.

Where we are is always too far away dir. by Mivan Makia
Canada | No Dialogue, Arabic song in background | 6 min
Where we are is always too far away” is an auto-portrait conceived as a diptych, presenting linear and non-linear spaces as a transient body. Shifting between movement and stillness, time speeds up, slows down, and gets lost in the landscapes of memory.

Sister Mother Lover Child dir. by Nadia Shihab
Canada/US | Turkman/Iraqi Turkish | 12 min
It is spring yet all is coloured by a season of grief. A child dances, the grapevine ripens. We press our ears to the glass and hear singing from afar. Suspended, together, we are an unlikely constellation. I hold the frame until I find the form.

Dear F… dir. by Hannan Jones
Scotland | English | 7 min
Dear F… is a hybrid documentary that navigates the intricate connections between personal and collective histories. Intertwining stories of Algerian migrants and the diaspora. Born in the early 90s, the filmmaker discovers a collection of letters from this turbulent time that sheds light on the challenges faced by Algerians.

A Kurdish Melody: Past & Present dir. by Beizar Aradini
USA | Kurdish | 8 min
This short film takes the viewer on a journey through the heart of Nashville’s Kurdish community, sharing stories that resonate across generations. The film underscores the significance of archival work in preserving the rich history and traditions of the Nashville Kurdish community. It highlights the urgency of documenting the personal narratives, cultural practices, and communal struggles, ensuring that they are not lost to time.

Frescos of a ruined memory dir. by Adnan Kayssi
Lebanon/France | Arabic & French | 20 min
Kamal and Jad two men in their twenties live together in an apartment. Kamal, traumatized from his nightmares, projects his fears on his boyfriend Jad. Their relationship becomes unstable until one of them realizes he can’t go on with it. He ends by leaving for another city.


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