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Talking About Trees

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Embarking on a journey to revive an old cinema and restore cinema-going culture, four veteran members of the Sudanese Film Club face stakes much higher and more complex than simple ticket sales. After decades of political turmoil and civil war, Omar al-Bashir is in power and has instilled a sociopolitical climate in which filmmakers and film-lovers must be careful not to espouse opposing views and mindful of their every move. Though the four friends encounter seemingly insurmountable resistance from their community and emotional hardship as they recall their times of exile, their love of film and dream of Sudanese liberation prevails.


Feb 5: Intro by A New Chapter curator Jamila Pomeroy


Talking About Trees shows you an Africa you’ve likely never seen: a Sudan that is more than a news story. Over the duration of Suhaib Gasmelbari’s documentary, his subjects begin to feel like family, no matter where you come from. While I’m not Sudanese, the loving, chaotic, and highly nuanced culture reminds me of my own Kenyan family and culture: the tropical climate, call for prayer echoing through city streets, camels and slow living reminiscent of some of my most fond memories in Mombasa. It boasts an East African humor and charm that is rarely seen in film, while remaining universal. Reframing Sudan as an ancient homeland to be romanticized, I now dream of watching an outdoor film in Omdurmán in the same way I dream of eating pasta in Rome, drinking wine in Paris, and walking the parchment-white streets of Mykonos. Shedding light on the brilliance and qualms of African filmmaking and culture, Talking About Trees reminds us how precious the simple act of cinema-going truly is.

Jamila Pomeroy


Suhaib Gasmelbari


Manar Al Hilo, Suleiman Ibrahim, Altayeb Mahdi, Ibrahim Shaddad

Country of Origin





In Arabic, English and Russian with English subtitles

93 min

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This event has passed.



Suhaib Gasmelbari


Benjamin Delboy, Jeremy Delpon


Gladys Joujou, Nelly Quettier

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