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World Premiere

A teenage boy caught in a web of lies is pulled in different directions as he tries to juggle anti-Semitism, his queerness and an orthodox Jewish father. An impressive character study of a young schlemiel adrift at sea being torn apart by gales that his struggles to control seem almost fatalistic. There is a nice blend of identity crisis and social commentary to render the often confusing combination of desires teens can find themselves overcome by. Terrific lead performance by Will Bartolo captures his inner torment and struggles for acceptance. Produced by alumni Richard James Allen and edited by Karen Pearlman (I Want to Make a Film About Women, VIFF 2020) this is a first class production in every way. It’s a coming-of-age story told with a searing attention to detail about discovering your religion in unorthodox ways and where finding atonement could possibly involve an ancient ritual sacrificing a chicken.


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Will Bartolo, Richard James Allen, Daniel Gabriel, Jessica Spies, Ryan Morgan, Ashley Lyons

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19 min
The Physical TV Company

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International Shorts: Nothing Comes Easy

In this program of short films our protagonists discover that sorting out their lives can be much more difficult to achieve than they realized.


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Richard James Allen, Martin Thorne, Samuel Lucas Allen


Samuel Lucas Allen


Susan Lumsdon


Karen Pearlman

Production Design

Irma Gustaityte-Calabrese

Original Music

Sam Weiss


Samuel Lucas Allen headshot

Samuel Lucas Allen

An award-winning emerging filmmaker with a MA in Directing from NIDA, Samuel Lucas Allen has been nominated for a Robin Anderson Film Award, Best Director at Sanford International Film Festival, Best Music Video and Best Experimental at the ATOM Awards, Best Director at CinefestOz, and won Best Short Director at the Kansas Arthouse Film Festival.

Filmography: Now, Then and After (2024); Cut (2023); After Saturn (2019); Plastic (2018)

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