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A washed-up former child actor who can’t seem to get his life together decides that the only way to get back on track is to recreate his glory days with a belated sequel to the landmark 1998 indie movie that put him on this path. Cue Smoke Signals 2: Still Smoking…

Cody Lightning (who played the young Viktor in Chris Eyre’s seminal Native American classic) has a lot of fun, mostly at his own expense, with this surprisingly edgy meta-mockumentary, and successfully reassembles many of the original cast, including Simon Baker, Adam Beach, Gary Farmer and Irene Bedard. For the most part, they’re (understandably) dubious about his project — only his best friend Kate (Hannah Cheesman) really believes. But Cody’s willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Lightning strikes twice.

This dark and sometimes raunchy comedy suggests healing comes through laughter and chaos — not necessarily in that order.


October 4 & 5: Q&A with director Cody Lightning & crew


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Cody Lightning, Hannah Cheesman, Simon Baker, Adam Beach, Gary Farmer, Irene Bedard, Colin Mochrie

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Content Warning

Frequent Coarse Language

102 min
Comedy Drama

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Wednesday October 04

9:15 pm
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International Village 10
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Thursday October 05

6:00 pm
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International Village 9
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Executive Producer

Blackhorse Lowe, Samuel Miller


Joshua M. Jackson, Sara Corry, Kyle Thomas, Blake McWilliam


Cody Lightning, Samuel Miller


Liam Mitchell


Sarah Taylor

Production Design

Megan Koshka

Original Music

Matthew Cardinal


Cody Lightning film image

Cody Lightning

As an actor, Cody Lightning is iconic for his performance as Little Viktor in 1998’s Smoke Signals. Hailing from Samson Cree Nation in Maskwacis, Alberta, Canada, Cody began acting at age five in the film Geronimo. Since, he has become one of Hollywood’s most active Indigenous actors, best known for his roles in Johnny Depp’s directorial debut The Brave, Rian Johnson’s Brick, and many, many more. In 2023, Cody will star in Marvel’s upcoming ECHO series. In recent years, Lightning has taken on greater creative responsibilities, including producing, directing, and writing, focusing on projects that highlight how hilarious Indigenous people are.

Northern Lights

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