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In Flames


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In the wake of her beloved grandfather’s death, Mariam (Ramesha Nawal) and her mother, Fariha (Bakhtawar Mazhar), can barely begin mourning before the human vultures swoop in, intent on wresting their family home from them. In turn, when Mariam’s secret romance with a fellow medical student (Omar Javaid) meets an untimely end, she’s plagued by malevolent forces that pursue her through the streets of Karachi, Pakistan. With every kindness coming with a garrote wire attached, Mariam and Fariha must rely on one another to survive.

Returning to his birthplace, writer-director Zarrar Kahn immerses us in an oppressive patriarchal society where misogyny runs rampant, leaving Mariam and Fariha under constant threat. But, in pitting them against these seemingly indomitable forces, he reveals their deep wells of resolve. As Kahn masterfully ratchets up the tension, we witness an initial struggle for agency become a captivating bid for empowerment.

From Pakistan, a Vivid Psychological Thriller That Tackles Grief, Ghosts and the Patriarchy
Hollywood Reporter


September 29 & October 1: Q&A with director Zarrar Kahn & crew


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Ramesha Nawal, Omar Javaid, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Adnan Shah Tipu, Mohammad Ali Hashmi

Country of Origin





Northern Lights


In Urdu with English subtitles

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Content Warning

Sexual Discrimination

98 min
Drama Horror & Sci-Fi

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This event has passed.


Executive Producer

Shant Joshi, Todd Brown, Maxime Cottray


Anam Abbas, Hamza Bangash, Associate produced by Carol Ann Noronha


Zarrar Kahn, Mohammad Ali Hashmi


Aigul Nurbulatova


Craig Scorgie, Zarrar Kahn

Production Design

Matti Malik

Original Music

Kalaisan Kalaichelvan


Zarrar Kahn headshot

Zarrar Kahn

Zarrar Kahn is an award-winning Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker whose film In Flames is the first South Asian Horror to premiere at the 76th Cannes Film Festival as part of the Director’s Fortnight. He is an alumnus of the TIFF Talent Lab, Locarno Filmmakers Academy, Open Doors Locarno, Asian Film Academy and Director’s Lab program at the Canadian Film Centre. His works have been screened and awarded in over 70+ film festivals worldwide, including TIFF, Locarno, and BFI London. Born in Karachi, and currently based out of Toronto, Kahn is committed to telling stories that amplify historically marginalized communities.

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