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Lynx Man


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Upon discovering that Eurasian lynxes– hunted to near-extinction a century ago in Finland– have begun to prowl anew across his land, reclusive farmer Hannu sets up trail cameras to track the elusive wild cats he calls his friends: Joseph, Velvet Eyes, Grumpy Girl, and Spot. Hannu’s footage soon sees the night open up to all manner of delightful wildlife encounters: a fox frightened by geese; a moose’s stand-off with a mirror; lynx cubs trailing after their mother in single file. Inspired by this indirect contact with the animals he has sworn to protect, Hannu dons a whittled lynx mask and enacts a few playful, primal rituals of his own in the moonlight, where the distinctions between man and beast begin to blur.

Director Juha Suonpää’s projections of trail footage over sauna smoke imbue this quirky documentary with a uniquely mesmerizing quality.


Grand Prix, Cinemambiente 2023


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In Finnish with English subtitles

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82 min

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Sunday October 01

1:45 pm
Hearing Assistance Subtitles
International Village 9
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Pasi Hakkio, Niina Virtanen


Juha Suonpää, Hanna Kaihlanen


Alexander Markus Lembke, Juha Suonpää


Tuuli Kuittinen, Hanna Kaihlanen

Original Music

Puuluup, Kimmo Helén, Tanel Kadalipp


Juha Suonpää headshot

Photo by Juha Suonpää

Juha Suonpää

Juha Suonpää is an academic, photographer and filmmaker. Suonpää’s film Wolfman premiered in Visions Du Réel 2013. He continues to research and publish in the field of photography, visualizing science and the construction of the identity of a place.

Filmography: Vuores (2000); Wolfman (2013)


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Lynx Man


A reclusive farmer begins to reconnect with Finland's near-extinct Eurasian lynxes after finding them on his land. Through a series of wildlife encounters, the farmer performs primal, moonlit rituals, blurring the distinctions between man and beast.

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