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North American Premiere

Approaching the end of her childbearing years, Milagro (Julia de Castro) starts to question her impetus to conceive and impulsively embarks on a road trip to shake the sudden onset of existential dread. She is joined by her best friend Jonathan, who is working through his own unfinished business with a former flame, and a mysterious mermaid they pick up on a visit to the aquarium. Their journey becomes a whirlwind of roadside drama, song, dance, steamy trysts, and unexpected self-discoveries. Rooted in Spanish surrealist and absurdist cinema, On the Go is a cinephile’s joyride full of deceptively random plot twists that ultimately fall into place in the most delightful and insightful ways. Its chaos is skillfully contained, lyrically paced and the directors’ storytelling wit is entirely disarming. With their finger firmly on the millennial pulse, they playfully tap into generational angst and turn it into a celebration of life and sensual pleasures. A thrill ride from start to end, this has the makings of a new cult favourite.


Special Mention, Cineasti del presente, Locarno 2023

September 30: Q&A with director María Gisèle Royo

October 2: Q&A with directors María Gisèle Royo & Julia de Castro


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Omar Ayuso, Julia De Castro, Chacha Huang, Manuel De Blas, Gonzalo García Pelayo

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In Spanish and English with English subtitles

72 min
Action & Suspense Art, Music & Photography Comedy LGBTQIA2S+ Romance Women Directors

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Saturday September 30

4:00 pm
Guests/Q&As Hearing Assistance Subtitles
The Cinematheque
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Monday October 02

6:15 pm
Guests/Q&As Hearing Assistance Subtitles
The Cinematheque
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María Gisèle Royo, Julia De Castro


María Gisèle Royo, Julia de Castro


Ilton K. Do Rosario


Paola Álvarez, Sergio Jiménez


María Gisèle Royo headshot

María Gisèle Royo

María Gisèle Royo has been awarded an Oscar and an Emmy in their student categories. María has presented her work at a public hearing in the European Parliament, and at the UNHCR Global Refugee Forum in Geneva. She is a born collaborator : among other movies, she has worked in El Silencio de Otros, winner of two Emmys and the Peace and Audience awards at Berlinale. She also participated in H. as Art Director, winner of an Independent Spirit Award. She is currently also teaching in Berlin at the BA and Master of Film at the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology.

Julia de Castro headshot

Julia de Castro

Julia de Castro created and directed De La Puissima, a stage project that toured the world for a decade with 70 musicians and for which she was nominated as best actress for the prestigious Valle Inclán Awards. She has released two albums and written a book on prostitution, La Retorica Delle Puttane. It doesn’t matter which expression she chooses; music, literature, theatre or cinema, everything that comes from Julia has interest.


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