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XINEMA's One Year Cine-Celebration

Image: Richard Reeves, still from Intersextion, 2014, 35mm to digital, Courtesy of the Artist

This event has passed

Join XINEMA for their One Year Cine-Celebration, an open submission screening showcasing short works by XINEMA alumni and close supporters. Celebrating BC’s rich film community, the program will showcase films from 1997 to the present that explore topics of love, longing, new imaginaries, the Anthropocene, and more. Surprise merch available!

A Digital Intervention (2022), Kaila Bhullar, 4.5 min
THE DIVINE SPARK OF SOPHIA (2021), Dave Biddle, 4.5 min
Loci: Opa (2023), Dana Bontempo, 5 min
Abandon (2023), Nita Bowerman, 2.5 min
Autumn in the City (2023), Inanna Cusi, 3.5 min
Asphyxia (2022), Celina de Leon, 1 min
Utatu (2022), Andy Dongan Liu, 2.5 min
Red House (2022), Barry Doupe, 3 min
Secret Shopper (2013), Deborah Edmeades, 4 min
Ushabti 1 (2021), Mena El Shazly, 0.5 min
86 SE Marine (2016), lisa g, 3.5 min
STARDUST (2022), Jo Gaffney, 5 min
Paz Kahle (2023), Chantal Gering, 4.5 min
Making Space (2021), Miriam Goi, 3.5 min
The Big Bang (2020), Sidney Gordon, 2 min
Before it Blows (1997), Patricia Gruben, 8.5 min
The Kittens’ Tea Party EXCERPT (2022), MilleFeuille, 1 min
decay: the covid compost chronicles (2021), Miss Marr, 4.5 min
Madrid Fragments (2015), Richard Martin, 1.5 min
Three Pockets di O Getti (2013), Tiziana La Melia and Tamara Henderson, 2 min
ROBOTS STOLE THE MORNING (2022), Oliver New, 2.5 min
This is us looking from pastness (2020), Hân Phạm, 5 min
Cat Swallows Parakeet and Speaks! Excerpt (1996), Ileana Pietrobruno, 1.5 min
The Lie (2012), Jaewoo Kang, 4.5 min
Untitled No.1: Fragments (2023), Niloufar Samadi, 3.5 min
Amorè (2001), Juli Saragosa, 1 min
Mona’s Prophacy (2014), Coral Short, 2.5 min
I Love My Friend (2013), Michael V Smith, 3 min
Black Dots – Samara Lubelski (2012), Joshua Stevenson, 3.5 min
Too Drunk to be Afraid – Kellarissa (2018), Amanda Thomson, 3.5 min
Strawberry Fields Forever (nothing is real) (2023), Kirk Tougas, 7 min
Intersextion (2014), Richard Reeves, 4.5 min
body, armour (WIP) (2023), Sara Wylie, 4.5 min
What The Anxious Heart Desires (2023), Rafael Zen + Khalil Alomar, 4.5 min


Filmmakers in attendance. Intermissions to converse with those in attendance.


XINEMA is an ongoing series that showcases emerging and established filmmakers within and around “Vancouver”, BC to strengthen and preserve the local experimental film scene.



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120 min

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This event has passed.

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