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Absurd + Subversive

XINEMA Program 3

This event has passed

XINEMA is an ongoing series that showcases emerging and well-established experimental filmmakers within and around “Vancouver”, BC.
Established in VIFF Centre’s Studio Theatre, XINEMA aims to strengthen and preserve the experimental film scene by creating a space for open conversation,skill-sharing, and community.

Programs will usually occur every third Sunday of the month.


Program 3: Absurd + Subversive

Absurd + Subversive is an eclectic collection of eight short films that dismantle and mock systemic structures of normalcy. This program dissects the impressionable nature of human behavior; using humor, reflection, and vulnerability to celebrate autonomy. In parallel to their content, the forms of these films know no boundaries.

Holly (2020) Sean Brennan 11:18 min.
The Fancy Ladies (1999) Debrorah Edmeades 10:22 min.
XON’S PROPHECY (2014) Coral Short 3:19 min.
The Common Fag (2018) Denise Kenney and Michael V. Smith 4:22 min.
Invitation (2007) Michael V. Smith 5:49 min.
QUACK QUACK (2022) Celina de Leon 3:31 min.
In the future they will call it wisdom (2014) Coral Short 4:02 min.
Finding Uranus (2019) Ivan Li 6:57 min.


Curated by Celina de Leon & Sidney Gordon



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100 min

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This event has passed.