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The Framing of Perception

XINEMA Program 4

Image: Kirk Tougas, still from the framing of perception, 1973, 16mm transferred to digital, 33:13 min. Courtesy of the Artist

This event has passed

XINEMA is an ongoing series that showcases emerging and established experimental filmmakers within and around “Vancouver”, BC. They aim to strengthen and preserve the experimental film scene by creating a space for open conversation, skill-sharing, and community. Programs will usually occur every third Sunday of the month.

Program 4: The Framing of Perception
The Framing of Perception studies moving images’ ability to influence and construct our senses. Through a series of eight short films, perception becomes a filmic language, spoken through an illusive spectacle of grain and pixels. This program explores the registration of light, sound,
and motion; observing our interpretation of existence and the factors that contribute to it.

A Sequence of Moving Pixels (2022) Kaila Bhullar 6:57 min.
o/c (1996) Andrew Power 7:20 min.
A Meditation on Grain (2020) David Jeric Avelino 2:55min.
Blind Spots (2013) Amanda Thomson 9:25 min.
fuzzy time series (2021) Elysia Bourne and Ross Birdwise 6:13 min.
u_feel_soft (2022) Cam Kletke 2:24 min.
i see me watching (2022) Sidney Gordon 7:52 min.
the framing of perception (1973) Kirk Tougas 33:13 min.

Curated by Celina de Leon & Sidney Gordon



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125 min

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This event has passed.