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Xinema Program 5 film image

Earth as Womb

XINEMA Program 5

This event has passed

XINEMA is an ongoing series that showcases emerging and established experimental filmmakers within and around “Vancouver”, BC. They aim to strengthen and preserve the experimental film scene by creating a space for open conversation, skill-sharing, and
community. Programs will usually occur every third Sunday of the month.

Program 5: Earth as Womb
What happens between birth and death? Earth as Womb invokes the existential feeling you get when you remember you’re a living entity on a floating ball in space. This program illustrates earth as a foreign site of creation, sustenance, and destruction; encompassing life’s experiences through personal contemplations, precarious documentation, and a karaoke sing-along.

Little King (2022)
Rafael Zen + Khalil Alomar + Luciana Siebert
5:04 min.

Dream Of Life (2019)
Inanna Cusi
8:10 min.

Waving (1987)
Ann Marie Fleming
5:14 min.

Drive with Persephone (2018)
10:38 min.

A Private View (2018)
Lisa G
3:21 min.

Carla is Confronted by a Purple Glob (2022)
Evan Swain
2:07 min

River by my House 2006- (2021)
Evan Swain
1:32 min.

You Take Care Now (1989)
Ann Marie Fleming
10:31 min.

Window Horses Karaoke (2009)
Ann Marie Fleming
2:33 min.

Curated by Celina de Leon & Sidney Gordon

Image: Ann Marie Fleming, still from Window Horses Karaoke, 2009, digital video, 2:33 min.
Courtesy of the Artist.



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90 min

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This event has passed.

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